Welcome to Gold Country Havanese Club in California

We are a local Havanese Breed Club in California dedicated to the well-being of the Havanese breed. a group of handsOur mission is to educate and mentor owners of Havanese puppies and dogs to ensure the Havanese breed remains healthy and happy. We want our Havanese families to unite through local events i.e., seminars, health clinics, play days, fun matches, picnics and more. Through these gatherings we hope to educate owners of Havanese puppies and dogs on new findings about health, grooming and training of the Havanese breed.

It does not matter whether you own a Havanese or not, or perhaps you are simply a dog lover, we welcome all to our club. Come and join us. Become a member, take part, and learn all about the wonderful Havanese breed. Our Club is proud to say we are members of the American Kennel Club and Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs.

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